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To Teach Critical Thinking Try History and It's Choices

April 10, 2012

History hones the mind. It is a discipline that asks questions that can’t always be answered. Considering some of those questions makes for the kinds of discussions that energize children--and all of us. There is that central paradox in U.S. history. How could we have had slavery in the land of the free? Mostly our books are terribly simplistic and moralistic on that. Slavery was evil. Period. Of course it was evil--but a lot of slave-owners were not bad people. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were not evil. Why would they do something they knew was wrong? Children need information to wrestle with that thought. (more…)

History boring? No way, says WW

April 3, 2012

Woodrow Wilson, a member of a famous committee of ten charged to look at America’s schools in 1892, suggested that all high school students--whether college bound or not--study four years of history because--in the words of the committee--it best promotes “the invaluable mental power which we call judgment.”

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