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A Book for Summer Reading

June 28, 2013

Tags: Ratbridge Chronicles, fantasy

My grandson, Casey Hakim, soon to enter 5th grade, recommends a book titled, "Here Be Monsters!" Written and illustrated by Alan Snow, it is subtitled: "An adventure involving magic, trolls, and other creatures." It was first published in Great Britain by Oxford University Press, who happen to be the publishers of "A History of US" (in England known as "A History of Them"). (more…)

Partners in Learning: Teachers, Students, and an Author

June 23, 2013

Tags: Critical thinking, non-fiction reading, science education, Juliana Texley

An email this morning asks for scope and sequence materials for "Einstein Adds A New Dimension." Umm, there aren't any. There is a fantastic coordinated teacher guide and activity book written by NSTA President-elect Juliana Texley and available as an ebook on the NSTA website. It's free to members, $9.95 to others. Here's the link if you need it: (I think it is great.) (more…)

Great Teaching

June 7, 2013

Tags: Fifth grade, filmmakers, Elk Grove, Jim Bentley

Great teachers are national treasures; they change lives. They arenít paid what they should be, but there are rewards. They and those they impact (children, parents, and often the greater community) usually appreciate what they do. And their students will remember them for the rest of their lives. Christopher Naze and Jim Bentley are two teachers who rank among the greats. Both teach in elementary schools. (more…)

Good Writing Means Good Thinking

June 7, 2013

Tags: Christopher Naze, Captiol Hill Elementary, Portland, student letters

Christopher Naze, at Capitol Hill Elementary in Portland, OR, is doing something incredibly important: he is teaching children to think critically and write eloquently. Recently I got a manila envelope with letters from his students. What amazed me was that each letter was unique and thoughtful and neat and without errors. Iím posting one of those letters to the right, but somewhat reluctantly. All the letters are worth posting, so I apologize to the other students. Whatís important is the gift of writing and thinking that you were given this year.

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