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Does Technology Make Kids Smarter?

September 15, 2015

Tags: Schools, Technology, Scores

Computers do not noticeably improve school pupils' academic results and can even hamper performance, says an OECD report that looked at the impact of technology in classrooms across the globe.

While almost three quarters of pupils in the countries surveyed used computers at schools, the report by the the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and (more…)

NSTA, Reno, biology

September 7, 2015

Tags: Science, Literacy, Next Generation Science Standards

Iím now writing two books on biology. The field is exciting beyond anything Iíd imagined. Todayís biologists are trying to figure out the origin of life. Theirs are tales of wonder. Iím thrilled to have the opportunity to tell some of their stories. Iíll be speaking at the National Science Teachers Association 2015 Area Conference in Reno, October 22-24. Science and literacy will be the focus. So come and join the fun. And, yes, there will be sessions on the Next Generation Science Standards, along with STEM and STEAM. Check out: http;//

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