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Life : Early on Earth, Perhaps Elsewhere

October 20, 2015

Tags: #FromNat'lAcademy of Science

Life may have existed on Earth almost from its birth, possibly before the forming of the Moon. That changes much, including the possibility of life elsewhere. We now believe it is likely. Study done at UCLA is a Wow.

Ed Workers Who Don't Teach

October 12, 2015

Tags: Newark, All That Money, A Facebook Lesson?

Most of us know of the incredibly generous gift of one hundred million dollars given by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg to the city of Newark. The intent was to improve its schools. That money is now all gone and nothing much happened to the schools. “How would you have spent the money?” a student asked educators at a recent community meeting. No one had an answer for him. But one did pose a question, (more…)

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