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Preparation for Learning: Missing Out

December 26, 2014

Tags: Sonia Sotomayer's Story

When Sonia Sotomayer's Princeton roommate mentioned Alice in Wonderland, the future Supreme Court justice was lost. She'd never heard of Alice. Her roommate told her it was a children's classic. Here's what Sotomayer says in her autobiography,
"I recognized at that moment that there were likely to be many other children’s classics that had not read … Before I went home that summer, I asked her to give me a list of some of the books she thought were children’s classics, and she gave me a long list and I spent the summer reading them.
"That was perhaps the starkest moment of my understanding that there was a world I had missed, of things that I didn’t know anything about … " As teachers, are we aware of the depth of the cultural divide? What can we do to help students who have missed out? E.D. Hirsch and Core Knowledge have one answer, are there others? (more…)

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