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Story-Based Books: Nothing New, Yet Innovative

July 6, 2009

Tags: Tags: einstein adds a new dimension, joy hakim, making thirteen colonies, nsta, smithsonian, u.s. history

Iím trying to upset the educational apple cart with, of all things, information-packed books. In an age of easy twitter-talk, solid absorbing reading may be the real balancing innovation. Traditionally, the best way to pass on information, and make it stick, has been through stories. (Read educational psychologist Kieran Egan to learn of the power of stories.) (more…)

The Early Days: How I Began to Write US History

March 31, 2009

Tags: Tags: joy hakim, u.s. history, writing, writer

I was a writer by trade, so writing on U.S. history didnít seem daunting. Newspaper reporters tackle all kinds of subjects. Iíd done a bit of medical writing, I was a business writer for three years, I wrote often about schools, Iíd reviewed some plays and concerts, become an editorial writer, and done a lot of whatever-will-sell freelancing. As for history? A story I wrote about Jeffersonís ďStatute for Religious FreedomĒ (a little known but enormously important document) ran in the Wall St. Journal. Virginius Dabney, one of my heroes and a grand old man In Virginia history circles, had actually complimented me on the article. So had Dumas Malone, a Jefferson biographer and University of Virginia historian. The idea was to do as good a job as possible and go to experts to have my work checked. I didnít realize it, but compared to those who actually write the books used in most schools, I was enormously well qualified. (more…)

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