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A History of US, a "new" timely take on US history

We've been looking at some of our American heroes and finding flaws. Jefferson, who promised his dying wife he'd never remarry made a young slave his concubine. Was he a victim of the time? Our children all understand that classic excuse for bad action, "Well, everyone else was doing it." But some Americans got it right and, mostly, they have been eliminated from our history books.  A History of US has tried to include some of them.  Read about William Johnson who married a Native American woman and treated her publicly as his wife (she happened to be amazing). Johnson was a key figure in his time. He won a major battle during the French and Indian War. You could argue that there mgiht not be a United States if that battle had been lost. So why isn't he in most books? Read his story on page 25 of "From Colonies to Country" and answer that for yourself.

A very rich Virginian, a contemporary of Jefferson and Washington,freed all his slaves because his beleif in God told him to do so--and got written out of most history books. You can read about him on page 142 in "The New Nation."

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