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Blogging On History, Science, and Education

From London

Friends at home tell us of terrible weather, here in the UK the sun is shining. My husband and I lugged raincoats and umbrellas, we haven't used them. Daffodils, camellias, and other spring flowers are blooming in pots and boxes on railings and doorsteps.. Today we visited Samuel Johnson at his handsome 17th century home, with tall windows, gleaming woodwork, and an entry garden.

Author of the first "great" dictionary, his definitions still provoke awe and often chuckles. His biographer, Boswell lived across the lane. And just around the corner is Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Pub. Built the year after the great fire (1667) you can still hoist a brew there. Of course Sam Johnson did that, and so, some years later, did a youngster named Charles Dickens.
Yesterday we heard Bill Bryson speak at the Royal Society (Isaac Newton was an early president, Charles Darwin a later one). Bryson, a wonderful writer, drew a huge crowd. More than a hundred people were turned away from the event.
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