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Talented Teacher Corps

This is about three of my educator friends. The first became a teacher of the year. When a supervisor asked this middle school whiz if she would consider teaching a class made up of the lowest achievers from several schools in her district, she said “yes.” A year later the reading comprehension scores of students in that class were up more than 10 percent. After that the district used her as a teacher/trainer. She retired last year.
The second educator, in her fifties, already has 25 years of teaching experience. A reading expert who works in grades 1 and 2, she has long been considered an exemplary teacher. Her district is changing retirement benefits; if she doesn’t retire at the end of the academic year she will lose substantial income. She can’t afford that.
Teacher three had a distinguished career as a high school social studies teacher in Los Angeles where, among other things, she directed a 3-year government funded teacher enrichment program. She retired two years ago.
All three of my friends are aching to be active in education. And schools need them. So here’s my suggestion: an organization called “ReTeach for America” that would cull its members from the best recent teacher retirees. They could be used as swat teams to train new teachers or they might spend time in schools that need help. Teach for America brings eager, young, inexperienced teachers into classrooms. A core of experienced teachers in Reteach for America could help them transition into career educators.
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