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Blogging On History, Science, and Education

It's About Money

Those on the bottom rungs of the money ladder often eat fast food, which leads to those national scourges: obesity and diabetes. We who know better and can afford it have wild salmon and fresh vegetables for dinner. Something like that is happening at our schools: in the tony suburbs and at elite independents, children read whole books, often classics, good books that appeal to young readers. If they are lucky, they do research projects and write papers. In many inner-city schools, especially where there are big adoptions, it is endless paragraph analysis. Sometimes there are lesson plans that attack a subject through snippet reading and mind-numbing test-prep questions. A whole nonfiction book? No time for that. Which means no time for big ideas. Boring. You bet. Our children know that. Something else: no one makes big money selling those classic books that we know work. So...
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