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Blogging On History, Science, and Education

Two Wonderful Writers

A friend asked me to recommend some books for her classroom. Instead I decided to recommend two authors, both wrote a while ago, but good writing doesn’t go out of style. Jean Fritz is the first author. She wrote about American history before I tried, and her work was and is an inspiration.
Her delightful small books tackle a person or moment in our history: always with wit, enthusiasm, and high standards. "Bully for You, Teddy Roosevelt" and "Can’t You Make Them Behave, King George?" are two of her books. She a wrote about her childhood in China in, "Homesick, My Own Story." The other author is Genevieve Foster and, like me, she set out to write books that both children and their parents would enjoy. Her first book, "George Washington’s World," shows how the French Revolution, the American Revolution, and British imperialism were all connected. Foster was born in the 19th century, but her work is timeless; she won four Newbery Awards and deserved each of them.
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