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A Yank in the UK

They say that travel is broadening, and I did gain weight on a recent trip to the UK. Maybe it was the breakfast pastries, or the teatime scones. Whatever, I indulged. London has become a foodie city, with interesting street fare and some very sophisticated restaurants. The chef at Ottolenghi, a restaurant of the moment, is from Israel and does wonderfully imaginative things with fresh vegetables and meats.
According to the London Times crime is way down in London (it is in NY too) and so is binge drinking. The macho culture, says the Times, is out of date.
London has become a very expensive city, but that doesn't seem to keep tourists away. The town was packed, but as the British manage things, the crowds were orderly and even fun. From St. Paul's Cathedral it's an easy walk across the Millennium Bridge to the Globe Theatre and the Tate Modern on the South bank of the Thames. I stood in line at the Tate to get into a Matisse show, it was dazzling and worth the wait. Then I joined the crowd and walked along the south embankment, past street vendors and jugglers, into the National Theatre's wonderful bookstore, past a queue lined up waiting to ride the big wheel known as the "Eye" (no, I didn't even consider joining them) and on to Westminster Bridge where I again crossed the Thames and this time was at Westminster Abbey.
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