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Blogging On History, Science, and Education

Using History to Teach Reading and Thinking

While I was writing A History of US I began trying out chapters and then books in schools in Virginia, in Rochester, in Chicago, and in San Diego. Teachers gave me feedback. Students gave me comments. I listened. I wrote a coordinated workbook to go with the text. Its focus was on history a sa reading subject, one that links all the disciplines together. So it included information on geology, on art, on anything I found interesting. There were original stories and pertinent math problems, along with essay tests. One teacher wanted more conventional work and suggested fill-in-the-blanks and true/false questions. I provided, adding ideas for historic research intended to lead to papers or student written performances or art. Getting the books published was hard, adding innovative classwork was going too far. But I’m aware of fresh educational winds. Schoolwork can now be fun, as well as challenging. Boring should not be in anyone’s learning vocabulary.  Read More 
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