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Ordering/Contact, For schools interested in considering adoption of The Story of Science for world history or science curricula:
Desk and exam copies of Smithsonian Books titles are available through our distributor, Penguin Random House. 
The ISBNs of each title  are: 
Aristotle ISBN 9781588341600
Newton ISBN 9781588341617
Einstein ISBN 9781588341624
Here is the order link:

Two books intended to teach content reading as well as subject matter


READING SCIENCE STORIES is in ebook format

FREE TO BELIEVE (OR NOT), a history of religious freedom in America, is a paperback book


Free to Believe (Or Not) ia available in paperback format and can be purchased from Amazon or My Book Orders.

Reading Science Stories is an illustrated eBook available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookStore, as well as, iTunes and other online booksellers.

A History of US Series


A History of Us can be found at Oxford University Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Social Studies School Services or your favorite bookseller.

Barnes & Noble
Google Play

Teaching Guides
Oxford University Press

Student Guides
Oxford University Press

Audio Books
Recorded Books

For School Orders and more information, please contact customer service at 1.800.445.9714 or
Learn more at

The OUP ebooks are text only. You may want to contact Oxford and urge them to publish an illustrated version.

A History of US: Easy ordering flier and availability chart

A History of US Ordering flier (1.2 MB)

For easy ordering: A History of US flier with available teacher and younger reader guides along with their respective ISBN numbers.

These study guides are academic resources that enhance study. When used in conjunction with classroom work and the books in this series, they aid in mastering specific material by maximizing efficiency and increasing comprehension.

Though we do not publish a complete set of study guides to match every book in the series, the guides we produce for elementary, middle and high school age are meant to roughly align with periods covered by a standard curriculum.

This "at a glance" chart outlines the availability of A History of US study guides and which books in the series they represent.

Johns Hopkins Teaching Materials for A History of US

The Johns Hopkins University Talent Development Program created The Johns Hopkins Teaching Materials for A History of Us. This history curriculum crafts engaging lessons by accompanying specific volumes in Joy Hakim's exciting series of books, A History of Us, with Johns Hopkins University teaching guides. Lessons include reading and writing assignments, interdisciplinary connections, simulations, focus activities, review and reflection activities, homework assignments, and library/media resources. These lessons also offer built-in study skills such as building vocabulary; reading for a purpose; strategies for organizing information; techniques for taking notes, writing paragraphs and essays; and test taking skills. A review game and an assessment follow each section of instructional lessons.

See the charts below for help on how to order JOHNS HOPKINS TEACHING MATERIALS for A History of Us. Note that when you go to, you can search by entering the title of the title of the A History of Us book you are working with and either “Teaching Guide” or “Resource Book.” (You will need both guides for a complete curriculum.) This will result in multiple versions of teaching materials, so make sure you order the Johns Hopkins materials (blue cover) with a publication date of December 2010. (Older publication date versions may not be complete!)

For a sample lesson or ordering information, please contact Myriam Maouyo at 410-516-4339 or

New from Johns Hopkins University Talent Development Secondary! (229 KB)

Nonfiction Connections Supporting Common Core with Great Readings in American History

Freedom: A History of US




Freedom: A History of Us, the one-volume U.S. history written for high school and college freshman students is available from:
Barnes & Noble
Social Studies School Services

Freedom: A History of US is also available in EBOOK FORMAT at Amazon

The PBS Freedom: A History of Us DVDs are available at the PBS Teacher Shop.

The Freedom: History of US PBS Teacher and Student website offers free access to great TEACHER and STUDENT RESOURCES. This interactive learning site provides free downloadable activities that include 16 Freedom: A History of US Webisodes along with teacher guides, workshop videos, stories, and games.

<color="24195d">CONQUERING CLOSE READING: Working With Freedom: A History of US By Michael Hutchison is available at Social Studies School Services



Aristotle Leads the Way, Newton at the Center, and Einstein Adds A New Dimension


Books are available from:
Barnes & Noble
National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) - includes teaching materials
Smithsonian Books - in quantity

Johns Hopkins Teaching Materials for Aristotle and Newton
National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)
Smithsonian Books

The Story of Science Classroom Companion: Einstein Adds a New Dimension is a wonderful teaching guide for Einstein Adds A New Dimension. Written by Juliana Texley, former NSTA president, it is available in ebook format and can be found at National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)
It is free to NSTA members and $9.95 to others.


Educators should contact Smithsonian Books for special school prices on the science books:

Matt Litts, Marketing Manager
Smithsonian Books
600 Maryland Ave SW
Washington, DC 20016
Phone: (202) 633-2495

To be added to Joy's mailing list, please write "Mailing List" in the subject line.